Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Fire Rated Switch / Socket Inserts


Fireus fire rated switch/socket inserts offer maximum protection for penetrations created by the introduction of both single and double recessed switch/socket boxes and to allow ease of fitting.

In a fire situation the insert expands internally to fill all of the available space with a highly insulating char. The fire is unable to penetrate the hole and the cover is able to give additional insulation protection to the wall void by reducing the chance of fire damage to flammable structural members.

  • Maintains the fire protection performance of the wall- preventing or delaying the spread of fire for up to 120 minutes
  • Prevents or delays fire from entering a wall cavity and attacking the building structure
  • Inserts work when fitted back-to-back in uninsulated walls
  • Pre-formed inserts fit in seconds
  • Can be retro fitted to existing sockets /switches or fitted during wall construction
  • Inserts available to fit both single & double boxes
  • Meets requirements for acoustic and air sealing properties as well as fire insulation

2 hour fire tested to BS476 part 20/22:1987 for both integrity and insulation.

Suitable for insulated and uninsulated plasterboard partitions.

Test No.Chilt/RF08071 AR1 2hr fire tested to the principles of BS EN 1363-1:1999 for both integrity and insulation, Test No. Chilt/IF08039

Designed to fit all common single and double socket fitments and switch covers, 35mm and 47mm depths.

Technical Data


  • Electrical Socket Presentations
  • Fire Resistant Walls/Partitions Properties
  • 2hr fire rated
  • Acoustic properties
  • Fits in seconds
  • No adhesive, no mess
  • Fits inside back boxes
  • Standard 35mm or Deep 47mm sizes
Acoustic Testing Approvals

Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 and BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 under UKAS conditions in a timber stud wall construction.

Test no. 247373/Building Research Establishment (BRE) Certificate No. 213942/BRE


Meets the requirements of UK Building Regulations Approved Document B

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