Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Pressure Exerting Graphite Mastic

SafireĀ® Pressure Exerting Graphite Mastic is designed for the sealing of small to medium size penetrations of pipes and single or bunched cables.

It is a water based acrylic resin formulation that quickly dries on application to a flexible and cohesive sealant.

Producing a permanent fire seal in penetrations up to 300 cm2, sealing around cable penetrations and pipe (up to 70mm diameter) penetrations in conjunction with mineral wool. It can also be used for filling fissures and gaps in firewalls and floors. The dry mastic is paintable.

  • Clean the penetration opening so that it is free of dust, grease and any loose material. Cable trays and pipe supports must be installed according to building regulations.
  • Pack non-flammable mineral wool into the penetration opening around the cables/pipes, leaving 50mm depth at either surface.
  • Apply the Safire mastic to completely fill the 50mm surface voids. Trowel in firmly to ensure the mastic is packed into gaps between cables etc. The surface of the mastic can be smoothed with a wet spatula immediately after application.
  • Store in cool dry conditions.
  • Protect from frost.