Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Coated Batts

Fire rated mineral fibre slabs
Cost effective, lightweight fire protection for up to 4 hours for passages through fire rated compartment walls and floors.

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Easily Modified
  • Waterproof
  • Tested to BS476 Parts 20/22

Safire Fire Barriers consist of 160kg/m3 density mineral fibre slabs, factory coated with a white, class ‘O’ flexible, waterproof ablative coating to produce a durable fire barrier for service penetration openings. They are light, flexible and easy to handle and cut.


Safire Barriers are pre-treated with a PVA solution before the application of the fire resistive ablative coating. This treatment consolidates the mineral fibre, assisting the ablative coating to ‘key’ to the fibre surface.

Total encapsulation by the PVA and ablative coating prevents fibre migration. Safire Batts are free from asbestos, solvents and halons and can be used with confidence in sensitive areas.


160kg/m3 density offering upto 4hours fire resistance.


Safire Batts are waterproof and can be used in high humidity areas.


Safire Batts are easily modified to accomodate additional services installed at a later date, without the need for dismantling the seal.


Able to withstand significant vibration of penetrating services and normal building movement.


Safire Barriers are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9002 certified quality procedures, Cert.No.60288/B Tested at NAMAS accredited fire testing laboratories to BS476 Parts 20-22 in both vertical and horizontal orientations, Cert.No. WARRES 69679/A, No.60287, No.60288/B